A Bit About ME



Traditionally an artist statement has been presented in 3rd person, but Angelique Bacia believes that talking in 3rd person is silly so here she gives a direct statement: 

You would never know it by looking at my paintings, which have been described as "ethereal," but my art is actually quite rebellious. No matter where you go throughout your day, there is the omnipresent lingering of a mechanistic, oppressive, bureaucratic world, which tells you that you are not enough. Or that the world is an evil place. Or that humans are evil. This soulless​ world is responsible for a whole lotta ugly. 

Instead of joining this agenda, my work is inspired to contradict everything for which it stands. I paint layers and layers of color to show the beauty in the depths of a human being, only to hide them under one uniform color - just like we feel pressured to do in life to be accepted. Marketing uses color psychology and words along with scarcity tactics to bully people into buying products. I use these same elements to remind people they are loved or to trust themselves.

To break away from our "put yourself in a box so I can understand you," play is a serious matter in my studio, releasing the incredible stiffness of everyday life. Mistakes are welcomed, leading to an incredible freedom. Paint is layered and poured and scraped and scratched as memories, emotion, desire and curiosity run the show. I refuse to plan, making space for myself to trust that it will turn into something I find interesting or beautiful, something I would want to hang on my own wall, but always with an intent to undo institutional persecution.


So the “rules” for an artist bio say that I am supposed to talk in 3rd person (see above) and explain to you who I am, where I studied and what my art brings to the world.  In fact, I read once that if you submit to be in a show and don’t have an Artist Statement and Bio, the “powers that be” won’t even look at your art! What?  Let's get the "fill in the blank" stuff out of the way so I can talk about who I really am.  

Name:  Angelique Bacia

Place of Birth: Columbus, Ohio. (I've probably spent maybe one entire year of my life there.)

Education: Self-taught

(I used to be ashamed of this but now I'm so happy this is the route I chose. I decide my curriculum. I choose a teacher I resonate with (how many times have you been stuck with a teacher you didn't like, or didn't get you), move at my own pace, can start or stop a particular topic/subject whenever I want and I choose how much I'm going to spend. You could say that I'm giving myself a bespoke art education and I wouldn't have it any other way. It allows for tremendous freedom.)

I moved around A LOT as a kid, finally settling in Atlanta, Georgia when I was around 12.  Having moved around to so many states, schools and then countries as an adult, I feel pretty life experienced.  You'd think with all the moving I'd have learned to adapt really easily to new places, people, experiences, but ironically,  I’m an introvert. Secretly I would like to walk around giving everyone hugs to let them know they are loved and important, but it would make me uncomfortable and I’d probably go to jail for that.  However, If you ever meet me, feel free to hug me. I promise to hug you back! I believe in some woo-woo hippie-dippie stuff. Like that colors and words have an energy- that there is enough negativity in the world and I would like to spread some positive vibes. You ARE enough. You DO matter. Despite what advertising, media and that 4th grade bully would like you to believe. 

I've been drawn to artistic activities my whole life. When I was 12 , I decided I was going to write the next great American novel. When I was in high school I directed a play, I took  any art and photography class available and was way more interested in music and museums than history and math.  I was brought up believing that art is a cute hobby, but not a serious job. So I followed the corporate route. But that little art vixen kept calling. As an adult, I took drum lessons and acting lessons and moved to LA to be an actor. I wrote and produced short films and a web series. I just love creating. It was only a matter of time before a paint brush ended up in my hand. (Just for the record, I don't really use them. I'm more of a palette knife, cake tools, masonry tools kinda girl.)

If you’re drawn to my paintings, know that I create to spread some love, joy and happiness in the world. Having lived in a LOT of places, domestic and internationally, I’ve learned that we are all truly unique, and at our core, we all want happiness. I hope my paintings make you feel that.