2021 Finally!!!

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am that 2020 is OVER!! I think we all just about reached our limits with everything that happened. I don’t know about you but I am tired. It feels like my big excitement in life right now is a trip to the grocery store. I miss going to museums and gallery shows…and having shows!

I will say that 2020 brought about a lot of introspection…for everyone. I’ve seen a lot of my loved ones go through a lot of changes lately. And I’m no exception. I have found that in my quest for quiet and serene, I want to minimalize – minimalize the marks, minimalize the colors – my eyes crave slow marks and simple palettes. Weird since we’ve all been in lockdown right? You’d think I’d be dying for color and frantic energy.

I am digging even deeper into my question of calm and serene now. This photo is a recent inspiration. Imagine how peaceful it is down there. Having said that, what is quiet or calmness really? Is it a color? Can it be a smell? What about a consistent noise or complete lack thereof? There are so many answers to these questions as we all have our own idea of what quiet means to us. For some, it might be a babbling brook or the chirping of birds. For others it might mean completely and total silence or the consistent roar of ocean waves. It will be impossible for me to create quiet for every single person, but I can create it for myself and hope that others will resonate. I have locked myself away in my studio and have begun experimenting with new ways to make my materials feel serene. I hope you can be patient while I am on this journey.

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