Why I Paint

Hi everyone! And happy Friday to you. It’s Friday, June 12 and I decided it was as good of a time as any to write my very first blog post! It made the most sense to talk to you about WHY I paint what I paint although I’m not sure if I’m telling you or reminding myself 😉

When I decided to start painting I absolutely knew that I wanted to paint abstract. I adore a good abstract painting! Why? The artist is creating something from a non-tangible place – an idea or concept, a feeling, a memory. The painting is something that has never existed before and will never exist again. Even if the artist wanted to, they will never be able to create an exact replica. The paint will move differently, the artist’s mood is different, the humidity in the air is different – which means every single piece of art is original and unique. I LOVE the challenge of facing a blank canvas and creating something brand new every single time.

Abstract also allows for incredible freedom – freedom I’ve never felt in any other area of my life because there are NO rules. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are principals. But principles are not the same as rules. Principles are suggestions. Suggestions are helpful. I use these suggestions when I am stuck. But no rules. And I LOVE that!!!

So why is someone who loves challenges and no rules painting such tranquil works? You would think I would be going nuts with color and collage, putting anything that felt like fun on the canvas. Well….I feel like the world has become outrageously noisy. Everyone is screaming for attention on tv, in music, on social media, anywhere they think they might get attention. And I get it, so many people feel like they are not being heard. Some people believe that art is meant to question and provoke, like what I call “shock art.” But I believe that certain spaces should allow for quiet. For introspection. A respite from the screaming world outside. Creating a painting that lets the viewers’ eyes rest and take a deep, cleansing breath is what I am currently interested in creating.

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