Artists Diary

COMING SOON! (I know that I am absolutely fascinated with watching an artists process, hear the inspiration behind a certain work and learning about their materials. In this diary I will share all of these things for my own art.)

My Painting Process/Style

(and how to find yours) I probably should have provided a video for this, and maybe someday I will, but it will take weeks to make this video because of the time spent making a painting. Not that it’s physically some long, involved process, but sometimes it’s a long mental/emotional one. So how do I …

Why I Paint

Hi everyone! And happy Friday to you. It’s Friday, June 12 and I decided it was as good of a time as any to write my very first blog post! It made the most sense to talk to you about WHY I paint what I paint although I’m not sure if I’m telling you or …



Hi! If you are interested in purchasing a painting on my website, please contact me in the form below. Your purchase would begin with me sending you up close and personal photos of your chosen painting as well as a video. Do please keep in mind that your screen and my screen are not the same, so an image on my computer will look different to yours, even though I do my best to capture the painting correctly. Photos are edited to best match the true colors of the work, but small variances may occur. After I send you the detail photos and video, if you are still interested, we can discuss shipping. I try to get you the cheapest shipping possible and we can discuss options. Lastly, if you are not satisfied with your painting once it arrives, I offer a 100% money back guarantee (minus shipping). I want to make sure you are HAPPY with your painting. These are original works that cost more than a print from Walmart. I want you to feel confident in your investment and enjoy your painting for years to come!


Art is one of fastest items that change a room’s mood. I would love you to have a piece that fits the wall size and colors you are looking for. All custom work is in my style and each piece is totally unique as it is created especially for the client. I choose not to recreate existing pieces as I want you to have YOUR piece of art. Custom works start at $400.00. Please note that I am no longer working in oils. All paintings will be made with professional acrylic products. Commissions can take from 4-6 weeks to complete and require a 50% deposit before any work is undertaken. If you are interested in a commissioned piece, shoot me an email and let’s get the process started!


Of course! Contact me here: