Hi! I'm Angelique. I love color. I love what colors can represent and the energy they release.  I love how looking at a piece of art can change your mood. I love how it can change to mood of a room. It's music for the eyes. I recently switched from oils to acrylics for health reasons. I am very much a believer in the power of positive thinking and decided that I want to be the Mr. Rogers of painting.  If you've never heard of Mr. Rogers, he was basically a champion for children, but ultimately believed that we are all special, unique and worthy of a wonderful life. I hope to continue to spread a message of love and joy through my paintings. My goal is for you to simply feel good when you look at my art, even if you don't know why.   

 I realize that painting is not the most environmental friendly thing there is to do. For that reason, I do my best to be as environmentally friendly as possible. I use tools that can be recycled easily (metal palette knives/masonry tools, natural bristle brushes, although I rarely seem to reach for a brush).  My canvases are 100% cotton. 

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My Inspiration

YOU! There are many things in the world that are depressing, sad, tragic...My paintings are about helping you find some beauty in the world. This is why I have gravitated to abstract. YOU decide what you see in it and how it makes you feel. You can choose to feel empowered, wealthy, strong, successful, clever, beautiful, calm, excited. (insert how you want to feel here.)